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Rights When Dealing With the Police

Police and your rights

If you are a young person (aged under 17) then you have rights in addition to those that adults have. For information about them see our Police and young people page.

What rights do I have when I’m dealing with the Police?

If you are being questioned, detained or arrested by Police, you have the right to:

consult and instruct a lawyer, in private and without delay
refrain from making a statement
ask why you are being questioned, detained, or arrested.

If the Police ask you to stop (e.g. while you are driving) then you should do so.
If the Police ask you for your personal details, you may be required to provide this (see What should I do if a Police officer stops me or questions me?)

If the Police ask you to go with them, you don’t have to go unless:

you are arrested
you are suspected of committing a drink-driving offence or driving under the influence of drugs.

If you are required to with them and don’t, you could have addition charges against you.
If you agree to go with the Police and you haven’t been arrested or failed a breath/blood test while driving, you can change your mind and leave at any time.
See the next question about what your rights are when being questioned by the Police.
Information about what your rights are if you are under 17 years of age is on our Police and young people page.