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Labor Law Attorney Los Angeles California

Labor Law Attorney Los Angeles California

Employees alive in New York are adequate by abounding application laws. If your rights are violated, our attorneys are actuality to advice you.

We appeal in New York and federal courts. Our attorneys board and access settlements on account of advisers and workers. Our law close handles cases on account of alone advisers and are accommodating to accompany chic actions.

Our attorneys represent advisers with claims adjoin their employer of discrimination, animal harassment, or added abnormal analysis in abuse of activity law. Our attorneys represent workers not getting paid their tips, commissions or minimum, prevailing, and overtime wages.

We analysis severance and added application agreements for executives, managers and professionals. We adjudge and appeal aperture of non-compete or acquaintance clauses in application contracts. Our agent allowances attorneys represent retirees gluttonous retirement and alimony allowances beneath ERISA.

Our law close represents activity unions in every aspect of labor-management relations and centralized abutment affairs. We admonition abundance and alimony affairs about able account armamentarium administration. We handle accomplishments adjoin fiduciaries alleging aperture of fiduciary assignment and abortion to pay a benefit.

Call a Activity and Application Attorney in Los Angeles California

If you plan in Los Angeles and are getting advised unfairly or illegally in the workplace, our attorneys may be able to advice you. If you are a victim of blameworthy discharge, animal harassment, discrimination, abortion to board abundance or ancestors medical illness, abuse of your rights beneath allowance and hour laws, or backfire for appliance your rights beneath the law, alarm us.